We are Alex & Ben two buddies that are probably a little over passionate about all things LEGO®. So much so we've been known to be called 'President & Lord Business' by our wife's... and that's before we've brought out the KRAGLE!

I'd like to think of us more like Batman & Robin, Ben's the cool laid back guy & I'm the fun-loving (childlike) geeky one (that probably annoys Batman a little too much). 
Batman & Robin

Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is we love lighting up our creations, we have tried & tested a bunch of lighting kits, but none come close to the 'Light my Bricks' kit. We were so impressed we wanted to get involved, we already helped run a pet business ( Chubby Mealworms) in the US & Canada... and with LMB not directly available in CA, we just knew we had to bring them here!
Before long brickbulbs.com was born & here we are - ready for an exciting journey, we've turned our LEGO® lighting passion into our business with an aim to provide a topnotch service for you guys, but the rest is up to you... Don't let us down Canada!


Light My Bricks is an Australian company, founded by a team of passionate LEGO® enthusiasts.

In the beginning, the group wanted to find ways to enhance their own growing LEGO® Modular Building collection. It dawned on them that lighting up their LEGO® sets would be a great way to give their cities a sense of realism.

So they quickly turned to the Internet to see what they could find.

Unfortunately, what they found was a mixture of complex componentry, lack of instructional guides and an experience that wasn’t on par with the LEGO® brand.

Putting their collective heads together, they decided to start Light My Bricks.

By offering high-quality LEGO® LED lights, with easy to follow instructions, Light My Bricks aims to provide LEGO® fans of all types the ability to light up their own creations.

Whether you’re a DIYer looking to add lights to your custom builds, or a LEGO® fan wanting to bring their favorite set to life, Light My Bricks offers a wide variety of LEGO® lighting options to suit your needs.



Light My Bricks offers a wide variety of LEGO® lighting solutions for LEGO® customization.

Boasting high quality LED lights and cables are small enough to fit underneath and in between LEGO® bricks, meaning componentry can be concealed and won't impact the look of your LEGO® creations.

Light My Bricks' unique lighting and cabling system means you can chain multiple lighting kits through a single power source. This is a great feature for those that are looking to light up big displays or large-scale collections.



Light My Bricks has a strong commitment to quality.

Prior to delivery, all Light My Bricks components are tested for quality assurance before being packed and shipped.

Much like building a LEGO® set, we feel that opening and installing a Light My Bricks kit should be a great "experience".

Light My Bricks kits are delivered in sturdy high quality printed boxes. Magnetic clasps on our boxes provide secure but easy access to components, and contents are packaged individually using anti-static and clear plastic bags. Molded foam helps secure more delicate components such as power packs during delivery.

Each Light My Bricks kit comes with instructions to access set specific installation guides as well as Light My Bricks stickers and cards.